Thursday, May 27, 2010


Customers have been sending me Credit Card info since the late 1980s, with no glitches.

Some are brave and send by email, some call, some write (few).

But, it's 2010 and I see a number of these numbers about ready to expire. So if yours is one and you will be using the same credit card number, just update me with your expiration date AND 3-digit security number on the back.

Some are reluctant to give that 3-digit number and I don't know why, so I will explain. That number is more for me than it is for you. My electronic machine asks for it. If I don't have it, I just hit the "enter" button, and usually it goes through. But it seems to me, that when I input the security code it virtually always goes through.

These Security codes were printed on the back of the card when there was a spike in online CC # theft from huge lists of card numbers (and expire dates only, but which did not contain a security code). When someone tries to order something on the phone from me and they do not have that 3-digit code, I know they don't have the card in their hand! When I tell them "I can't process the card" they often end up having to actually GET a card. They're probably annoyed with me, but as you can guess, I get out my duck feathers.

So as I said, we've never had a CC # problem, except, yes, in New York City. It was a former employee of a major credit card company. Last I heard he had faced several firing squads and then 10 years in the electric chair.

P.S. Some people send me their credit card info in 4-8 digit chunks via email. This has worked too.

NOTE: Unfortunately, new books scheduled to be received today have yet to show. Sometimes I get them at 6 P.M.! Maybe tomorrow.

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