Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today I had a meeting with a most likely future client--concerning the marketing of his "art business." As times got tougher he let a lot of things slide. We had a nice conversation. He was genial, smart, and informed, but he's older than I by a few years and he wants to keep making money without working as hard. Don't we all?

There's a process to revitalizing a business and in the past he did many good things, but now, he has let them "do" themselves, and you know what happened? Nothing.

I told him about The Critical Secret for Success and showed him a copy of the book which came in yesterday! He said, "Is it signed?" My reply: "No, this is MY copy. But I can bring another by this afternoon." It was a done deal, he bought it. We're getting together again when he gets back from a Big Delivery in Pennsylvania... and he takes a week off (I've heard of those, what are they again?)

The questions I asked convinced him I had been in business and that I knew something about marketing. Funny enough, we had a number of other things in common such as our love for Key Lime pie!

He wanted to see what was in the book as I talked to him. When I left he was fanning through it and told me he would be reading it on the way to PA while his SO drove!

There are a few typos in the book as there always are when one proofs their own stuff. BUT the important thing was to GET something in the pipeline instead of "goosing it" forever like so many do. People, in general, are forgiving. I think Dan Kennedy's books are amazingly great, I've read almost all of them and there are some typos in them too. But I am buying valuable information, AND, a reference work. I am not shelving this in a hermetically sealed vault.

I took the other 48 copies to a printer to be shrink-wrapped. 50 cents extra per book. Most selelrs would NEVER do that but I had an experience where I did that with a high-priced item in 1988, and sold all 40 of them within 24 hours. Somehow we just like the idea of occasionally being the first person to open certain types of books and being the first to read them. There will be, at the Chess Clinic and in other private sales, an occasional newsletter for owners of this book. I am already gathering information for a followup. It pours forth. I'll be offering more details in a short while. I know some won't pay the high price I am asking for this book--too bad, I'll get over it. This is for those who really, really want to change the way they have been doing things all these years--taking forever just to get where they are and not being overly satisfied with that. Unless you have a Gold Card for 2010 or are a subscriber to The Chess Reports or have been to a previous Chess Clinic or Festival, the price is $79.95 and will go to $99 at the end of the year. It will be listed on at $99.00.

If I tell you what I have been doing in the last 5 days it will just sound like bragging, so all I will say is that eventually it will make a big difference in other things I produce for you. It has been really time consuming. I've been on no dates, no extra restaurant activity, sleep deprived nights, and using email like a maniac, to get things in place and bring the right people to the counter. More, coming up... leave your dial set to this blog... don't touch it!!

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