Monday, October 11, 2010


is about issue #115 of The Chess Reports. The format, at least for this issue, will be quite a bit different. I will be telling readers what I have been learning after proofing 93 games for LASKER THE ULTIMATE STREETFIGHTER and BLACKBURNE THE BLACK DEATH. The old guys can teach us a lot, and Bobby Fischer knew that. No, it's not about openings this time but the execution of certain tactics. $59.95 for a 13 issue subscription. Also will have mroe coverage of the upcoming Last Chess Clinic. So far about 15-16 have signed up for dinner. Let me know if I missed you. Why all 35 would surprises me, but, the "cookie and crumbling" and all that.

Lastly, Sunday even I made a big conversion of computer systems and straightened out my office. There will be some glitches, there always are. So far, things (except for fonts) aren't too bad. Have begun using my more powerful Mac to run newer software. Catalogs will have a whole new look and it will be easier (I think) to produce them. That's how to blow a Sunday evening.

Gotta run, a lot of writing to finish up. Sorry about Saturday, worked all day on the Blackburne book and did not look up for air.

I am also looking forward to My Search for Chess Perfection showing itself next week.

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