Saturday, October 2, 2010


Here 'tis Saturday night. Taking a day off on Sunday to visit Northern Iowa and see the trees, hills, small towns. That's been a while. Last time I was in Decorah was about 1991-1992. Nice Swedish town. When I lived in Georgia near Savannah I was impressed with the downtown and the savannah grasses, but not the modern parts.

Going to look at some artist studios in barns, on the streets, and wherever. Many people don't realize how artistic Iowa is. A super artist named Rose and her husband live in Maquoketa and she is from Iowa and sells lots of her works in NYC (while he is from NY and moved here!) Recently she did portraits of 200 of the citizenry of Maquoketa for the Smithsonian! This is how to make Buck$ -- use your talents in some excellent ways!

The University of Iowa has a big art collection. There are publishing companies in this state besides little old me in Davenport. Big one in Dubuque, an educational one in Iowa City, and another in Des Moines (Meredith is the first or second largest in the world!)

The big insurance companies reside in Hartford, CT, San Francisco, CA, Omaha, NE, and Des Moines, IA. So if you arrive early or leave later, take a look around and see what we have in the way of clean air, lower crime, and a place where they make plenty of movies. We also have one of the best educational systems in the country. Almost none of this stuff is in Davenport because we have had idiots for leadership for years! So I like it here because it keeps people who want to change everything, away! LOL. Thus I can get things done. Great parks though.

Look forward to seeing all of you. Info sheets going out soon. $150 at the door, probably no gift bags because I have to make them up in advance. Register by Oct. 16th.

But, my gig is Thinkers' Press, inc. and it will be The Last Chess Clinic on Octo. 22-23. Hope y'all come for a great time.

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