Friday, October 15, 2010


Yesterday I announced The Critical Secret for Success. I don't expect, so far, the book to be a giant commercial success because the suspicious won't buy for one reason: it's not the price, it's that there is a CATCH--they will have to do something. Isn't that amazing?

No what some will hope for is a "blue pill," an object embedded in their head, etc. First of all, if that was even remotely true, the cost would be a lot higher than $79.95--think about it.

Secondly, if it were true, too many would get it and you would have no advantage over those you would want to have an advantage over! I call this the "Heaven Scenario." If everyone is terrific at everything should they get to heaven, how exciting would that be? None of us really have any idea of Heaven, so, no more speculation.

Those I admire the most are those who will take the chance to find out. What they will find out is something very profound. Not unexpected, but confirmed. I've already started in on Follow Up Programs based on what I recommend in this expensive book.

Did I say Expensive? I wrote for 5 months, read about 12 other books, rewrote and rewrote. I figure, with luck I will sell 50-100 copies at prices from $50-$80. Let's average at $65. That's between $3250 and $6500. Is that a lot? I don't think anyone who was sane would think so.

Give it a shot, it comes with a Money Back Guarantee. $79.95 + $4.00 for S&H in the USA.

PS: If you wonder if I am qualified to write this book, read it and find out. You will see that the answer is an easy "Yes." Would you classify Garry Kasparov as a visionary? If so, why has he hired trainers or coaches who were inferior to him rating wise?


  1. You are absolutely correct here. In chess junk sells. Fred Reinfeld wrote some really good books but eventually realized potboilers sold better. Alex Yermilinsky pointed out there’s no such thing as secrets from the Soviet School of Chess, magic bullet openings, or other methods of instantly becoming an expert player. No, he said it takes hard work and requires studying a lot of stuff that isn’t fun. That’s why his book Road to Chess Improvement, his blog and the Yermo Chess School didn’t profit him a great deal. He was selling the steak and not the sizzle!

  2. Those that see and purchase my book will KNOW that I am in 100% agreement with Yermolinsky. But I don't agree that "junk" sells because if it does, it sells less and less. Chess sales are not up, there are too many books coming out and many of them are good BUT one thing people forget is that the "chess population" HAS increased, a lot. There are more kids playing. The "drop," if you want to call it that are among the OLDER players who are dying, dropping out, or have some other reason. I take ONE look at my sales statistics and I know this.