Friday, October 29, 2010


Today, in the current issue of The Chess Reports, I wrote two pages on a new subscription model for Semester 10, and likely new everywhere else.

In it I detailed a new vision for getting people the information and entertainment they seem to want. This magazine (via email) is in its 10th semester--that's since Dec. of 2006. Almost 1800 full size pages, in color, with oodles of games, instruction, letters, articles and other chess info, it is about to be unleashed in two formats: email and CD/print/audio.

This will allow me to offer more, concisely, and even as important, through a medium whereby if you are on the road you can listen to a CD on various chess topics (such as biographies or important chess info to ""think about"), no chessboard needed unless that issue requires you to print out the contents.

Additionally, it is now out that I and another are working on a web site. Don't know yet when IT or others will be up. Another meeting tonight. Soon, perhaps, I can hire an additional, qualified employee. A go-getter too. You guys support me and I will give you more than you have dreamed of. I want to help support a new rise in the economy too. That means, hiring.

If you want to read up on this, let me know and I will put you on my list of those who get excited about new developments in the chess world.

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