Friday, October 8, 2010


Sorry I couldn't get to this yesterday... was finishing up Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter. It just went to the printer. I'm happy and proud of the book. I should have stuck with a plan for 44 pages instead of 52 because the printer charges a whole dollar extra for those few extra pages. Doesn't sound like much but there is a lot to marketing many are not aware of. I left the price blank on the back cover in cases of stuff like this, so there may be a future price increase unless you get it now ($12.95). The book will be free to all those who have paid to come to the chess clinic.

Here is a quick rundown of some stuff I got in two days ago. Most are from Quality Chess:

Boost Your Chess 2 by Yusupov. Retail is $29.95.
Grandmaster Repertoire: The Sicilian Defence by Ftacnik. Retail is $34.95
The Cutting Edge, The Open Sicilian 1 by Pavlovic. Retail is $27.95.
The Alterman Gambit Guide (White Gambits) by Alterman, Retail is $25.95.
Soviet Chess Strategy by Suetin (Chess Classics series). Retail is $29.95.

These are all substantial books in quality, size, and content. I will have the discounted prices posted very soon. Anyone who wants to go ahead and order can, I will figure it out and email you back the pro-forma invoice. There are those who trust me.

Three other titles are very good, but one is an oldie, reprinted:

The KGB Plays Chess by Popov with contributions by Felshtinsky, Gulko, and Korchnoi. Retail is $19.95. An amazing book that names names and tells the story of chess "troublemakers" like Gulko and Korchnoi and who the "agents of change" were for the KGB (not surprisingly, Karpov is one, but a few others are surprises). Reviews later in The Chess Reports.

Emanuel Lasker by the Linders, father and son. I have the original book in Russian from some many moons ago. It is quite excellent as Linder perceived Lasker as one of the best players ever and has a lot of ammo to back it up. Never got to use any of this for my Ultimate Streetfighter book except to confirm a few things. Retail is $24.95.

Tal Botvinnik 1960 by Mikhail Tal. 6th edition. $19.95 retail.

Other titles will be in just before the Chess Clinic. If you want a copy of what I have I can send now. If you want to reserve one for the Clinic, I can do that (just don't pull the rug out from under me by changing your mind at the last minute after I have saved it for you--man I hate that!)

This is all I have time for today, sorry. The chess world is moving with lightning speed.

I have a manuscript in front of me to be made in either PDF or eBook format on the 3... Qa5 variation of the Scandinavian (Center Counter) by Andrew Martin. There will also be a DVD with Andrew annotating 14-15 games not in the previous book, all new stuff since then. We are contemplating adding a large DB of selected games. Price not known yet. I see some great stuff here. The eBook and DVD will be sold as a set.

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