Tuesday, October 5, 2010


HOPEFULLY HERE... before October 20th.
Beefy and probably will be in much demand even though it will be $39.95.
And I am putting up a web site next week to announce this and other Purdy offerings.

My Search for Chess Perfection by CJS Purdy. New testimonials on the back too.

Purdy's book, co-hosted by John Hammond and Robert Jamieson (though one doesn't hear much about them, they are the reason this book existed in the first place).
418 pages. Huge in size, 7x10. Same as 2007 edition with a few exceptions. There is a new chapter called "On Castle Walls" about defense of the King with pawns in front. And, there is a 20-21 page monster Index so you can find out almost anything on combinations, analysis, Lasker, pawns and passed pawns, the center, the endgame and loads more.

If this book was any bigger you would have to hire a moving van. It weighs in at 1.5+ pounds.

Working like a fool lately.
Tomorrow, hope to send Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter to the printer.


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