Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yes, I am hoping for a Fedex next day package tomorrow of ChessBase 11 and its upgrade. $50 just for the shipping but it is MY job to impress you. G&L CHESS will be the first if not one of the first to have it. I haven't seen the price tag yet, that may come today. Should have it.

However, coming in at the last minute, though not on purpose, is CJS Purdy's My Search for Chess Perfection at $39.95. It showed up yesterday afternoon. Close call. It was shipped last week! Handsome looking it portrays chess "gravity." The extensive index looks good too.

Lastly, I could not get the newsletter out last night, too much to go into it. So it will go out this morning while I am running around picking up various items for this weekend. Cody Wilson will do a little videography for me on Saturday and Terry Ratcliff will be helping me sell.

That's all the news this month from Lake Chess Wobegone. Three new books from Thinkers' Press:
a) The Critical Secret for Success. $39.95
b) Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter. FREE
c) My Search for Chess Perfection. $39.95

Picked up T-shirts yesterday! Look great. Will have a couple extra XLs.

Working overtime.

See ya soon!

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