Wednesday, October 6, 2010


is being printed. Hopefully it will be here next week. If you aren't coming to the Clinic, you have up to two weeks after that to get it at your BEST price.

Tomorrow, Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter goes to the printer. This book, now $12.95 will be given away FREE to all Chess Clinic attendees as well as a gift I bought tonight for use at the Clinic and which you can take home with you. I bought 36, so I have one extra from the number we have currently registered.

The Lasker book part of a series called The New York and London Gangs of Chess have a specific purpose. Every two months a new one will be released. The starting months will be November and December, just in time for Christmas. Then January-February, March-April and so on. I have 24 months planned, or 12 featured players.

Anyone who orders a minimum of $100 worth of merchandise, for each paired set of months, will be mailed, or included with their order, the next in TNYALGOC series. So if you buy $125 worth of stuff in Nov.-Dec., in January you will get the LASKER book for FREE (if you didn't already get one at the Last Chess Clinic). You may include subscriptions such as The Chess Reports, Chess EXTRAS, equipment, software, and books. Events will not count for 2011, whatever they are, but purchases AT them will. Keep your invoices. Usually you get one in the package and another emailed to you.

The book is QUITE good if I don't mind saying so. Probably 50 pages, algebraic notation, notes, copyrighted caricatures. No crosstables or fluff. In the first one, Lasker, there are 50 annotated games from his early period, 1892-1902, and then some lesser known games (10 of those). All wins including one of the most amazing endgames ever seen!

The second volume will contain some of the most crunching games ever seen over the board by another super master, who will belong to the London Gang. No, Leonardo diCaprio is not included.

A number of new books came in today, I will list them tomorrow. I am starting to get lists of books people want me to set aside for them to purchase and pickup at the chess clinic. Smart guys because if it is sold out, I won't be able to make more of them magically appear at the clinic and will have to reorder them.

T-SHIRTS were ordered today. I will have a couple XLs left over to meet the minimum quota. So if you aren't coming and would still like one, I can get it for you. If the XL is too small for you let me know and I will see if they can switch before the print run. This is NOT guaranteed. Mrs. Deem told me today that the second largest picker of cotton, in the world, after the US, is Pakistan. Container shipping prices have more than doubled. Cotton, for GOOD shirts (and I ordered the Beefy-Ts, which are the best) costs much more than 6 years ago, hence the bigger prices. I'm just the messenger. Most of you will want this souvenir.

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