Monday, October 25, 2010


The chess clinic, the last one, is now history. It was a good one. I did miss George Laven as I did want to meet the man I have corresponded with over the years.

I've kind of been off the "air" while this clinic was percolating over the last few days. 35 people and lines waiting to purchase things from Terry Ratcliff while I spent my time answering questions, problem solving, and tipping them off to up and coming events. Terry's husband Bob was one of the attendees and he was having a good time with a great friend of mine, Ken MacDonald.

The evening dinner at Mo Brady's was a riot with about 25 people there whom I can't mention for fear of missing someone (my sister Rita showed up!!) My food was great and others told me theirs was too. Nobody got too nostalgic about the end because there will be something NEW next year... not totally sure what, but perhaps three events with one possibly being called a Book Camp. I've already been thinking about it.

I also mentioned the possibility of a GM being at one of the events. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood or a great mood. I've even gotten some emails and some I've sent out. Testimonials are always welcomed. Photos and commentary will comprise some of this Friday's RECAP edition for those who wanted such. Certain things I forgot to tout (mostly my own stuff). One was the Chess Reports. We'll also be sending out some PDFs and whatever else is due, perhaps in stages.

I'm welcoming reviews from buyers of The Critical Secret for Success. Andrew has done one for the Chess Reports subscribers. I think he understood perfectly what I was getting at. The book on the critical secret sold very well, almost everyone got one. Many picked up Purdy's My Search for Chess Perfection and all the Upgrades for ChessBase 11 were sold.

Talk with ya later...


  1. Bob,

    I completely enjoyed the "Last Chess Clinic". I wish I could have stayed for the post-clinic dinner. I'm sorry I missed getting a chance to say "hi" to Rita. Please say hello for me. I look forward to next years events.

  2. Hi Bob, I too enjoyed my time. I had wished that the airline had done a better job of transporting me to the event (my bags arrived on time but I didn't) so I missed most of Friday's activities. But Saturday made up for it and I learned a great deal, met a few whom I have played against in correspondence and made new friends. Dinner conversation at Mo was also great.
    Andrew's instruction was excellent and when into a depth that I had rarely done before but how it should be done.