Monday, February 28, 2011


People who know me know I am big on personal responsibility but in business sometimes it is necessary to remind clients because as I have found out myself, it is too easy to forget. Age either brings humility or arrogance, but not much in between.

So this is a reminder that if you have been after the really cool booklet I've put out on Blackurne, 41 pages of him titled Blackburne The Black Death in Spades, then today is your last day to get a FREE copy. To get that FREE copy you had to have spent at least $100 in the months of January and February with me. You do that and you get this $12.95 book free and free shipping of it.

As I write I just got confirmation that the books were released from the printer. It should be shipped by about the end of this week. I have already begun work on the next one, for the month's of March and April and you won't want to miss: Alekhine The Executioner. This book will be third in the series and this guy was a real sandblaster. It will mostly be games you DO NOT know. Where do I find them? My secret, but I have a lot of archives at my office. I still have to input them and I still have to put notes to them and clean it up, so it's not like I do nothing. The artwork is already being worked on too.

On top of that, I am close to finishing up two more projects:

a) Chess EXTRAS #5 which has some really neat stuff in it (40 letter sized pages); and
b) Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 which has a big section on that Massachusetts' genius, Harry Nelson Pillsbury! $25 + $3.50 for mailing (in the USA) if you act now. Otherwise it goes to $34.95 plus mailing charges. At least 64 pages, letter sized.

If you don't subscribe to Chess EXTRAS you should consider it. $65 for 240 letter-size pages of chess' pot-pourri stuff, collected by me now and from the past, most of which has not been in print before. Information will be forthcoming soon. If you have a GOLD CARD 2011 you can get one for $50 if you order by March 31. One issue to go and I find another box the other night full of goodies to be published.

NOTE: Buying Lasker or Chess Extras also counts toward your $100 or more total in the month you bought it in.

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