Friday, February 18, 2011


It's going well. 32 pages of a planned minimum of 64 (letter size) are already in the chess cauldron. I have no shortage of good material, just a shortage of time and fast moving fingers. I have been finding piles of files I had saved for many years--am glad I kept them.

Artwork will be included. Any cover art you see will most likely not be the final word.

Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 will be out in 1-2 months (maybe sooner). Taking advance subscriptions at $25.00 + whatever I said for shipping yesterday (USA). Goes to $34.95 when deadline is up (see yesterday's post).

Some are also buying the COMBO package of issue #2 and the new issue #6 for $39.95 + shipping. The price will go back to normal when the deadline has passed of $54.95 for some of the best in chess history about Lasker and those who surrounded his era.

Singlehandedly, this may help Thinkers' Press the most as many remember this early publication and became regular customers.

Do I have enough for Issues #7 and #8? Yep, just a question of time. The above extraordinary artwork was completed years ago for me by Paul Herrera, who did other pieces for me in L&HC. It is of the Russian chess whiz, Emmanuel Schiffers, who will be featured in this issue. He taught Chigorin, and then, Chigorin taught him!

The subscriptions for #6, received so far, have been quite gratifying. Many from those who do not count themselves as "followers" in this Blog, which number a mere 52.

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Thank you.

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