Friday, February 11, 2011


Thursday night I met with my web guy. We discussed a lot of stuff. Lots.

I look forward to getting something up--inventory management is the biggest issue and "how affordable" do we want to go? Next is the Blog.

At present I am on Google's Blogspot. I know Google is adored by many, but I am not one of them. The other day I went to get into my YouTube account and play some tunes while working. Now they wanted my password to "link" to some other damn idea they had that morning. I know what my password is, but it didn't work. I went to set a new password, it didn't work either. I had the same problem with THIS Blog Account just a few minutes ago. Google is ALWAYS tinkering, even with gmail. Yes, some folks never seem to have a problem. I think they have short memories. I work with this computer EVERY day, all the time.

So if we should get to a point where you wonder, "What Happened to That Guy in Iowa?" you will know. I will be setting up my own Blog on my website, IF that ever gets done! In the meantime, just to be safe, if you who read this want me to contact you when I move, just send me a brief note and I will put your email address in a MAIL folder. The paranoid will act like I am email address collecting but I really have no time for such machinations. The fact that I occasionally miss a Blog Post should show that.

Why am I busy? Right now I am working on another Catalog supplement. The descriptions in this supplement will eventually find their way into my online catalog. They are lengthy and hence, time loss. I want my catalog to make a difference.

It's nice to get email response to my Blogs or to even have you leave comments. But if you don't, I won't cry. I read CNN and only a few other ancillary sites every day. What amazes me, continually, is the incredible stupidity of those who comment on a Blog when it somehow disagrees with their own perceptions. Invariably it is political and one-sided. But it can also be, "Why does CNN give so much coverage to Apple?" My guess is that interests a lot of CNN readers. Do you see "chess" stuff on CNN? No. How about on Google News? No. Like the guy who said, "Yes, we have no bananas," the US or world, has no Fischer. Anand is lethargic. Nice guy but not a tree shaker. Kasparov was somewhat of a tree shaker. Kramnik was not. Carlsen makes some news (on ChessBase). We are in a "hobby" where there is no horse (Knight). When FIDE stubs its toe it is expected. The inept leading the inept.

So hopefully you will continue with what's going on here. Recently I've had two Blog Collators talk to me about setting up links, etc... I hate to say it, I don't know how or have the time if I did. People find this place, somehow. Maybe some of you could tell me how you did. Just leave a note. And remember, if you don't see anything new on here in a while, Google did it... Control freaks making us all "safe."

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