Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Too many things going on to stick to one topic today:

1) Have received the OK from Dr. Nathan Divinsky to use several of his great articles which were held over from Lasker & His Contemporaries #5. They will appear in issues #6 and #7.

2) Chess historian and all around nice guy and writer for McFarland, John S. Hilbert, has agreed to using his Part II material from Lasker #5 IN Lasker #7. See, Lasker #6 is already pretty full and Hilbert's article on Lasker coming to New York in 1892 is quite lengthy.

I am beating myself up to get Blackburne The Black Death in Spades off to the printer, tonight or tomorrow. Also will be included a nice little caricature of Blackburne by J. Hesse asking for "whiskey and lime" (from about 1905!)

Spending some more time with web guy tonight. When evening rolls around it's hard to estimate how tiring all of this is after a busy day of handling unbelievable amounts of paper work (still trying to get caught up from when I was in Georgia).

So... I better get back to it... and by the way, I am also working on a BIG SALES catalog for Small Presses so I can clear out much of that inventory. My goal is to beat all Amazon prices but, I may not!! Reason: There are 650 other people that I email to who never respond. I suspect I could meet each one personally, offer them a free chess book, surrogate substitute for their play at the local club, and it wouldn't phase them! Not at all. They may be zombies. I've asked them if they want to have their name deleted from my lists and even that is too much work! Of course you heard about the guy who was elected to the Procrastinators Club of America. He never got around to voting himself in or out, and the members who did vote were apparently not procrastinators, and so felt guilty about voting for themselves. That's politics folks!

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