Tuesday, February 1, 2011


For a whole host of reasons, I have postponed the June 6-8, 2011 Chess Book Camp. The Hotel ONLY contacted me this afternoon AFTER I had already cancelled the event. The organizer of the National Open, Al Losoff also called me this afternoon (I knew Al from Chicago days).

Due to the lateness of several things, I just felt that 4 months was not enough time to put together the kind of show I like to produce. So, it may be moved to the same place next year. Al has already indicated a willingness to talk with me about this as he had a non-compete clause in the hotel contract.

The GM celebs have already been notified and agreed to this postponement to possibly another time.

I had no advance entries thus telling me people were either NOT interested or they wanted to KNOW more. I couldn't say more until agreements were in place but, I'll tip you THIS: they were going to be GREAT!

In the meantime, two other things will be happening. CHESS TNT will be the name of the October event which replaces the "spot" previous Chess Clinics. More data soon. Andrew Martin and I are talking about it already. TNT stands for Teaching N Training in which an event will be run (mini tournaments), play critiqued, and lessons learned before the start of the next round. I recommend you rejoin the USCF if you have let it lapse (membership). I could take that upon myself and earn some affiliate dollars but I just don't have the time. If you have no other option let me know and I will take care of you on this. There will be prizes--good ones, not $$$. The POINT will be you will have your games critiqued by Martin and possibly others (qualified). It will be like TUTORING on the GO. You might even be able to apply what you have learned in the games in the 4-round event over TWO days + our usual evening get together. From my knowledge, this is another unique TPi experience and event which only later will be copied by others (as usual).

And one other thing: CHESS SOIREE. Another unique event where we have a nice intimate setting in a lodge, a woods setting, or some place where we can pick brains, discuss books, present interesting examples, etc. I will hand pick the invitations but show YOU how you can get one. This is designed this way mainly to keep out people who have no interest in anything but their own agenda. Fortunately, over the years I am blessed with virtually no problems in this area. (I can think of a guy who called me on the phone several years ago to tell me what a great collector he was, yada, yada, blowhard. He spent lots of money, was a doctor, knew everything about everything. Do I need this or him? Nah. Let him buy a another mirror.)

If you want to know more, contact me at the email address below. No $$$ costs or locations are yet known. To make the Las Vegas deal work and to handle the many expenses, I needed at least 45 people paid at a larger amount. I am currently looking at other venues AND access. Maybe even around Wisconsin, Chicago, or even Davenport if they have what we want.

Stay in touch. Here's the BIG P.S. (postscript): It will be better than other things I have done, I already know this. Andrew and I spent a lot of today emailing ideas back and forth. And if you aren't a particularly strong player, you will also have your place in the sun as prizes will be awarded in the last round or last two rounds no matter how well you did earlier!! Another new concept. Fun and a state of being "charged" where everyone matters. Hard to believe, but that's my goal, I hope it is yours.


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