Monday, February 7, 2011


It's here!

It is a book on Bobby Fischer's life which I am providing FREE to my top 20 customers (for the past two years). The calculation was based on two metrics: Sales of at least $375 per year for the past two years, and a profit index of at least 33%. In other words, while I appreciate sales to those who are looking for rock bottom deals (as it helps clear out sluggish inventory), those who are keeping my business alive in profit performance have a strong relationship with me.

Initially the book looks good though I admit to reading captions under pictures I haven't seen before including a picture of Fischer when he was 1 yr old, and one of his Mom with him in 1972 in Reykjavik wearing a blonde wig!! Copies will be mailed out over the next few days.

I love doing things for those who have loved helping me. Some of you know who you are are. A few others might be surprised that I HAVE been paying attention to you. Restarting a business is nothing if not hard work and some of you have made it worthwhile on those days where I wonder if it is worth it. But like Fischer once said, "What else would I do?"

I have some other ideas for later this year. I've already made purchases and have a "in my head outline," but I need more time to put it all together.

I've met with my "web master" and there are some significant snags. The "shopping cart" he was going to use is seriously flawed in the area of categorization of inventory. As I mentioned to him last November... people who design software for FREE (while trying to make money from plug-ins) invariably lose motivation after a while. In my mind, Ubercart lost its motivation. So, we are reassessing. Back in the days when I had 14-16 employees I had NO interns, or people working for free. You pay nothing, invariably you get nothing unless it is an industrial spy who is working for someone else and getting paid by that someone else.

Big corporations who have interns working for next to nothing would be better off paying them something decent and firing some VP who makes a pile of money for being pretty much, non-essential.

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