Wednesday, February 2, 2011


1. Friday issue of The Chess Reports is done for Friday. Will be shipped on Thursday. Need to proof again.
2. Purdy Chess Chronicles #2 is already being worked on. One phase I am in is a tremendous match with Gregory Koshnitsky. 4 annotated games so far. Great stuff.
3. Some more work will be done this week on Chess EXTRAS. Special art issue and "Why are there so many chess kids' books being done?" 4 titles to show. And "Chess Around the World" has got some funky oddities.

Something has to break soon, right?

I sent out a Special SALE list this morning. Where's the response? Am I impatient? I must plow on.

I haven't heard back from Random House yet about the book by Brady on Fischer. Big Corporations, bigger morons. Why? Because I filled out 4-5 pages of crap to order 25 books. I was an older customer but apparently they thought I had moved to Tanu Tuva to find Richard Feynman.

Another day, another no dollars? Nothing much new in new books that are worth anything. Remind me to tell you about a new book called Play Like a Girl! I am amazed at the crap that publishers put out on a consistent basis.

I figure if I leave no email address today I will be contacted. Is it the snow? No emails today? What's the snow got to do with it? Are the ISPs down? Mine aren't. I have snow up to my kneecap.


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