Monday, February 21, 2011


My very good friend Dale Suilmann knows what I am up to--he lives in Elk River, MN.

I want to plan a chess event (soiree) between June and August up north. Reasonably close to an airport, a lodge, where we can rest and relax in comfort. Dink around with some chess but in the main be there for a good time, log cabins, dining rooms, etc. No damn TV. Throw your cells in one of the 10,000 lakes they have there.

I will bring a Special guest, we would have some special topics, and probably a sales table as well as some special artifacts for the occasion.

Dale has kindly sent me info on at least 4 separate places--they all have a certain novelty in them, especially winter time!! Yikes, none of us want that after this winter (I am presuming.) But if any Blog readers have any favorite spots in MN or know of some, send that info along would you?

And if you are interested in coming for a couple days, please drop me a line right away, okay? (again). As I've said before, this is not about the National Open, the World Open, or the US Open... they are doing their own thing--so if you are going to those, I suspect I won't hear from you unless you know a great place in MN to have a great chess time. I might even consider hiring a special photographer for this too. A place for spouses to come, buddies, new friends.

At any rate, if you have thoughts and druthers, drop me a line at:

It will probably be an intimate setting for 10-20 people. There is a fee + the cost of the lodge setting where you would be staying. This all sounds like common sense, but, I am taking NO chances.

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