Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ed Reedy claims my book Lasker The Ultimate Streetfighter did just that, and recently. He scored 4-1 in a reserve event for chess newcomers.

Ed, an expert in martial arts, was at my Last Chess Clinic in October. As is common in my events there was a gift bag and one of the included items was that book, which had JUST come from the printer the week before.

Ed said he read it, cover to cover, maybe twice. He is my first feedback on this book.

What is contained were brawls. In most of the games Lasker was new to the NY crowd, and others. He waded into complications, strenuous endgames, and his mastery was unparalleled. On A.J. Goldsby's web site (AJ is a master) he claims that Jeff Sonas, a rating statistician, evaluated Lasker's TACTICAL play at OVER the 3000 Elo level! This modest 50 page pamphlet proves it!

I've sold out of two printings so far, but some more are coming. It's a whopping $12.95, replete with notes and diagrams, 40+ games, all wins, from either side of the board. Add $3.00 for shipping and handling in the USA. One of chess' bargains!

It's part of my series, The Chess Gangs of New York and London. Book #2, on Blackburne, is at the printer's now. I should have it in 10 days or so. Ask how you can get FREE copies of these books.


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