Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Jacob Aagaard assigned this evaluation to a Q-side castling move for a K-side safety chapter in the game Albanna-Albonni, Tehran 2007. From his newest book, by Quality Chess, titled Attacking Manual 2 he said: "I have to admit that I am not terribly concerned about the theoretical correctness of this move. I like the attitude, but one fears that it might be a little too optimistic."

There are few books on attack. There are books which contain attacks via some sense of combination or tactics, but few which actually apply the writer to the difficult task of assembling material about how to attack, when to attack and... what if the attackee puts up stout resistance?

The Chess Reports will carry additional information in issue #104, the last of the Semester #8 series, due out next Friday. Before I get too windy, what I can say is this subject is terribly important in chess. It's hard to find a better writer on such a dense topic than "Mr. Perfectionist," Jacob Aagaard. Jacob is the man who swept through the 2007 British Chess Championship and who finished his norms to get the GM title.

It's big and it's 461 pages (retail $34.95). At the same time its companion volume, Attacking Manual 1 was revised and expanded, and re-released (at the same price). The Gilbert & Lange (G&L CHESS, that's me) price is $29.75. If you own a Gold Card (G&L's Gold Card) the price is a show stopping $26.25 (saving $8.70!). They are heavy (hi-quality paper) and I will cut us both a little slack (in the USA) on shipping: $3 for one, $5 for both. In stock now.

Have a great day. I am doing finishing up work on Andrew Tocher's book about his chess opening novelties. A lot smaller than Aagaard's works, but it will be a lot more affordable too. Title not 100% confirmed but you should see it within a month or 6 weeks.


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  1. I have Manual 1, 1st edition. Is it cost effective to upgrade to the "revised and expanded edition"?