Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hindsight is always better AFTER the evidence shows up. Maybe not a lot better, but sometimes it raises even more questions. Here's the problem: Silvio Danailov. An international master and full time "aide" for Veselin Topalov. Also, vice president of the Bulgarian Chess Federation.

Yesterday it was announced that the organizing committee for the World Chess Championship would not permit Anand a small delay with his entourage getting to Bulgaria for the WCC. (Volcanic ash over Europe you know.) Naturally this is not a problem for Topalov since he is from Bulgaria! I wonder how Topalov would feel if the situation were reversed.

This is a stunt against Anand and one can only wonder what else Danailov has up his sleeve. He's already said, if I recall correctly, there will be no draw offers from Topalov except through the arbiter (he better hope he isn't in time trouble). How low class. It's a little more convoluted than that. For more details, the pros, the cons, go to:

So the question I ask you is:
a) Will Anand win the match with no problems?
b) Will Anand win despite problems?
c) Will Topalov win the match?

I pick (b) now before the match has started. I'd like to see the rest of the chess press make their "predictions" before hand also. Danailov IS creative... much more than FIDE.

And, what do YOU think dear reader? What is your guess (and a guess it is because we have no foreordained knowledge do we?) You can answer below.

If you recall, Mr. Danailov was not above suspicion according to a variety of sources in the Kramnik-Topalov match. The suspicion was in helping cause problems during that match.



  1. I'd like to see Anand win because I like him and how he carries himself. Topalov always has a chance. I hope that Anand is in form and that his deep preparation which he showed against Kramnik is still there. So I'd like to see option b.

    Some athletes and I suppose chess players at this level are the same have to think of their opponents as adversaries otherwise they cannot generate the energy and passion to defeat them. Perhaps Topalov is that way.

    The volcanic ash incident is literally an "act of god" so there should be no legal issues dredged up about this.

  2. I couldn't agree more with Julian's comments. This is a very straight forward problem that could not be avoided. The only real problems that I see are the contracts already in place with the venue, media coverage, and all the other typical things that must be arranged for ahead of time for a match of this importance. I really hope they work things out, and I'm voting for b, also.

  3. I will go with the current world champ winning this interesting match.

    Russell Miller Camas WA