Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Finally the subscription prices for The Chess Reports are now available. Simply:

a) The Gold Standard: $29.95. A Great bargain. Pretty much the same features as before (although Andrew Martin moves to the Platinum edition), 8-10 pages.

b) The Platinum Edition: $59.95. Everything in the Gold plus "How tos," Andrew Martin, Letters, Editor's Thoughts, and plenty more. 16-18 pages.

The number of pages is slightly malleable. Emailed before Noon every other Friday.

Also, with the Platinum edition, there is a Premium Book, for FREE, Paul Hoffman's King's Gambit, a non-fiction story of being involved in chess and with known chess players. A 400+ page read. It gets sent FREE to anyone who subscribes to the 13 editions of Semester 9, and who orders a book or dvd that has a S&H fee. PLUS, a Big Bonus: if you have a Gold Card you can get the Platinum Edition for only $49.95.

More information is provided in the last issue of Semester 8, issue #104.

Resubscription notices will be sent out to current subscribers first, and potential subscribers next week. Issue #105 will commence on May 14.

Those who want to can resubscribe right now. Soon, news about a Chess Clinic 6.


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