Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Funny, though Quality Chess, in general, publishes fine books, their notices to subscribers through their newsletter is deplorably bad!

I just got one today announcing an Alterman book on "Gambits (a guide)," Pavlovic's "Open Sicilian 1," and a hardcover (???) edition of Schandorff's book on the "Caro-Kann" (I hope there is more meat in it than there was in his QG book).

Light orange in small print (for their links!!!) and light gray, also in small print.

The reason TPi uses black and red is that they are noticeable everywhere and almost on every machine, I suspect.

Whenever someone in "marketing" gets cute, they push toward intolerable gobbledygook and shameless displays--not to get your attention, but because they believe THEY know what they are doing and the rest of us don't. You are fortunate (I hope) in that when the books do arrive (it's too bad they don't have a split emailing list to inform two different time-difference audiences), the message from me will be clear. Shakespeare wanted to "fire" all the lawyers and I've wanted to fire most college design graduates of recent years.

Is Quality Chess alone? I wish they were. The "newsletter" is "signed" with the faceless "The Quality Chess team." It makes it harder to complain, blame or eradicate the one who put this out.

All publishers go through fits and starts growing pains, but QC didn't start yesterday although their newsletter would seem to suggest otherwise.

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