Monday, April 12, 2010


The publishing firm Chess Stars operates out of Bulgaria. One of their big hits was the Khalifman books (which I have for resale) on both the repertoires of Kramnik and Anand.

They have spread into other chess books besides opening manuals, but today I will present some opening books, esp. new ones.

Oh, BTW, the English translation is top notch and as good as an book published from England.

GM Alexey Dreev is first with The Moscow and Anti-Moscow Variations, An Insider's View. I remember when van Wely covered this on a ChessBase DVD. Surprising to me, there's a lot of lethality in this system for Black. I am saving reviews for these two books for my publications, but I want to make you aware of them.

212 pages, copyrighted 2010. Retail price is $29.95. G&L CHESS price is $25.50. The Gold Card price is $22.50.

Second Chess Stars book, Squeezing the Gambit: the Benko, Budapest, Albin and Blumenfeld by GM Kiril Georgiev. 192 pages. Retail is $28.95. G&L CHESS price is $24.50. And the Gold Card price is $21.75.

IF you order both books, the shipping will be FREE through this Saturday only (April 12-17). You save another $5 right there. I have a few sets available.

More CHESS STARS books will be mentioned soon.

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