Monday, April 19, 2010


Even though the DVD publishing and printing machine isn't here yet, the discs for another round of Black Shockers are finished for overseas delivery (when the printer finally gets here). Hopefully this week I can work on the White Shockers set. These items, along with the Busy Man's Chess Openings have proven popular overseas with those who are trying to outfox their opponents.

I want to put up a Thinkers' Press Fan Page on Facebook. I have a personal profile already on Facebook and I've heard that a "fan" page can be put up and if anyone reading this can tell me how, I will, and that way the hundreds, if not thousands, of readers who have enjoyed TPi publications over the years can find out quickly what is going on (and something always is). When I go to Facebook (my own page) I don't see anything obvious. Maybe just start a NEW one? (Somehow). Of course there would be the latest info on anything CJS Purdy and there is NEW info.

I have finished a big chunk of the next issue of Chess EXTRAS. I know what I want to put on the cover, but I will have to scan the picture of Fischer into two parts and seam them together. It is a proof of the poster that was originally set up for the Fischer T-shirts I had designed years ago by Bill Hannan.

I've decided to enter another chess tournament, this time next month, and am trying to erase my brain weaknesses with some more concentrated effort. This time there will be more emphasis on strategy as well as trying to get a more coherent "white system" to throw Black to the wolves. I set a target date, ONE month, and that way I will have the first part of the goal out of the way. I have another goal, to go back over 1900. These can be done but are always a ton of work. What's frustrating is that I think it is a 4 rounds-in-ONE-day event. I don't see many two day events these anymore (around here). But 4 rounds is manageable because when called upon to think more quickly in a compressed amount of time, it can be done. Unfortunately, it can also be done for your opponent if they can learn to re-adapt.

Several books I am recommending:
The set of Attacking Manuals by Aagaard. I have been going over them and I like what I read.
Yermolinsky's Road to Chess Improvement is still excellent and has some commentary on the Benko Gambit which is somewhat similar to Georgiev's Squeezing the Gambits book (which is very packed with details). And I spent quite a bit of time last night on the Flexible French again to look at the mysteries of the screwball systems White wants to toss at me (if I can find someone willing to play 1.e4). Finally, a passel of DVDs such as Mikhalchishin's on the Power of Exchange. Recently reader Laz Munoz brought this topic up and I noted myself that I need to "know" more about this--so let's see what Adrian has to say.

That's the way I study. I put together a pile of materials and go though them. The unfortunate thing is my opponents seem unwilling to cooperate and often play crazy stuff. I'll keep you updated and of course run a series of stories in upcoming issues of The Chess Reports. (Subscriptions are still coming in.)

Lastly, for today, I have several cases of Paul Hoffman's King's Gambit--which I am currently using as a premium to get people to resubscribe to Semester 9 of The Chess Reports. And the book is FREE when you send in some kind of order (book or dvd) where you have to pay for S&H. So this is just a reminder.

It's been nice hearing from many old friends.

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