Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Already, from yesterday, I received a resubscription to The Chess Reports Semester 9, from long standing subscriber Russ Miller. Then today an email note from another long standing subscriber Greg Delaney. Thanks fellahs.

Blogs have some value in that I can get important info out quickly (well, within 24 hours). I don't see myself setting up a Twitter account because that implies a type of "constant" communication--and most businesses are too busy taking care of customers, not fooling around. I've met people who spent so much time gabbing with customers (esp. to ones who never seemed to purchase anything) they went out of business. Real businessmen know better.

Yesterday I was interviewed on a radio "art talks" station by Bruce Carter about type. It was fun and nice to see him again. Bruce and I lived in the same neighborhood for years and he is still there. It was great to reminisce about things that I have done in the past and not put in my Chess Assassin's Business Manual but hopefully will be included in the next volume, The Experimenter.

In the meantime, I will be getting out the last issue of The Chess Reports for Semester 8, this afternoon. Taxes have already been done and filed... what a brain drain! Hope you are caught up too so we can charge into Semester 9. For subscription details, read yesterday's Blog.

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