Thursday, April 15, 2010


With some people asking me when I would publish the pricing for Semester 9 and all the accompanying frills... now that that was released late last night, the fruits of the labor are apparent. My email box is deluged with resubscriptions, orders for books, and all the nice collateral that goes with that. Thank you.

I will keep this brief today as it is more important for me to fill those orders and get things off to the post office that need to go there.

But I do offer a thanks to Michael Goeller. Michael has a Blog and he said Google has indexed my site. He gave me some SOUND tips on what to put in the subject header to be picked up and blown out there worldwide. In spite of his generosity, and I sincerely mean that, it's Google's Game I think. So for now, I will publish "meaningful" subject lines instead of keyword meta tags designed to pick up people who are looking for openings information. Maybe Google will eventually come around to my way of thinking and give people information they are REALLY looking for. I'll explain that in a future post. If someone is looking for something on the Caro-Kann or the Nimzo-Indian, and I have something on those two, then I will post.

I want to make this site useful. If it is, people will bookmark it, read it, etc. I've done this before. The Google kids are kids, amazingly enough. I'll probably buy an iPad too to take with me on trips. It turns out I was onto something there. Apple is sold out and has to push back their international opening day.

All those anti-Apple guys didn't get their wish, Rush Limbaugh described Failure (although I believe Limbaugh is a big Apple fan).

My grandfather told me years ago he made a lot of money betting against idiots. By that he meant, if someone was a Cardinals or Cubs fan, for example, and yet their stats showed they were just okay, and not as good as the Brooklyn or LA Dodgers, he would bet against them when those teams were playing such as the Dodgers, and win most of the time. They never, ever seemed to have caught on to that!! It's not about "wishing," it's about "likelihood." Richard Feynman would have loved that. You can talk about sports as much as you want, but that doesn't determine who the winners and losers will be. Same in chess.

In the meantime, back to the job at hand.

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