Thursday, April 22, 2010


I pulled the trigger.

Bring up Facebook and search for Thinkers' Press, inc. Notes and you will see some book covers. More will be added as well as occasional commentary. But the main purpose for this page is for YOU, the readers and fans of TPi.

I know TPi fans are out there because I run into them and one of the most common remarks I hear is: "I have all Thinkers' Press books on Purdy," or, "I own all Thinkers' Press books." For most people I don't believe this is true or possible because I have printed some private books and "complete" buyers would have to contact the author to get them. For that reason alone I will post some of those book covers if only to hear, "When was that issued?"

When I read some of the web's "tech sites," I am amazed at the breadth of knowledge of some people and just as amazed by those who are talking out of their hat (lots of these). I do find it an irritation however when I see people quote Wikipedia. While I have found Wikipedia useful at times, I can't trust it in important research. They don't seem to "allow" the names of those who contribute.

Anyway, you now know where to go, become a friend or fan, bring others on board, etc. Since I've sold tens of thousands of TPi books over 30 years you might think, for those who care, there might be a lot of fans. Are you one?

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