Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Sounds like a normal question but on the USCF web site in a long paragraph comes the following information:
"Over fifty Grandmasters (one out of every eight GMs in the world) represent the US internationally."

Hmmm... how can that be? That would imply that there are 400 grandmasters in the world. Since there are easily over a thousand, I have no idea what this statement is supposed to say. And we now have 50? A few years ago we had about 35. Some have since died, we've gotten some new ones like Ray Robson, Robert Hess, etc. so what is the actual and verifiable number? Will the FIDE site give me the "search" info I need or is it going to be a maze?

And for all the GMs we have, we don't often do that well on a BORN HERE status. Other sites have mentioned how countries like Israel and the US would have no dominance at all if it weren't for the influx of foreign GMs. At this particular time I do not see anyone MOVING to Russia and increasing their GM totals. That's totalitarianism status for you!

I suppose I could spend some time looking for this data, but if someone knows where I can get the names of those GMs residing in the US, that would be great and you would win a valuable Chess No-Prize like Stan Lee used to always mention in his Marvel comics.

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  1. The rating lists on FIDE.com include federation for each player and title where they have one. That would be sufficient to answer your question. The last time I looked, there were close to 1200 GMs in the world. There is also a page on Wikipedia...

    List of chess grandmasters

    ...I don't know if it's up to date. Hope this helps. - Mark