Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Never liked the terms Black Friday, Black Monday and instead am creating RED FRIDAY because I feel upbeat on the day after Thanksgiving.

When I was in the retail, brick and mortar chess and games business we counted on the Friday after Thanksgiving to have a banner day to make up for all the losses we had on regular days. What was interesting was how many people would specifically go out of their way to come in on that Friday to do business with us or see if we were still IN business! (how macabre)

Generally it was a good day and no one who worked for me got that day off. Somehow things always worked out. Saturday was usually less illustrious.

So I am doing something for THIS RED FRIDAY and getting ready to issue a specialized chess catalog of "more than regular priced chess books." If you like good stuff and saving a few bucks on top of that, I am your Man. And, to top it all off, there is a little contest which allows you to save a few bucks on POSTAGE too if you get the right answer.

While I realize I can't make (mandate) anyone to buy from me anything on a particular day, I can say that the items on the list are in stock for that Friday, and can be special ordered if I run out... but, you can reduce your shipping costs by a few dollars if you get the right answer. And I am maintaining that MY logo for their company is a better one than the one they currently have. You can decide.

Oh, and like Steve Jobs' last remarks, there is ONE OTHER THING. Send us an order and I will include info on that One Other Thing with your order. 2010 has been an interesting and in many ways a fun year. I am hoping to do more in that vein for 2011.

I hoped to have a very interesting announcement (nope, not the web site, which is still being worked on) to make today, but it might have to wait a week or more. I'm jacked.

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