Sunday, November 14, 2010


I had some interesting news for you people who are interested in how I deal with the resellers who are uncooperative about pushing even their own merchandise (let aloe mine!) That's like a "freebie" for you when I have extra time.

Tomorrow I will be packing a big order to go overseas. Resellers act like my stuff doesn't sell but then they keep ordering more. What's up with that? Am I supposed to give them a break? In reality what it will do is cause me to be the ONLY outlet for the stuff I produce like these catalogers that go out to 15,000+ customers and they sell their own stuff and don't have to give ANY discount to anyone except their customers. I buy THEIR stuff but they drag their feet on purchasing mine. I ask them to do a little work instead of just copying off of the back cover but they just can't seem to do that.

Well, today has been a great day and this evening I have put more work into web site design. They will not be happy when I start sucking regular business away from them too. As Andrew Martin once told me: "We are all in the same business and everyone needs to cooperate." Yeah, but many won't. "Oh Bob, I need to get some stuff from you. I will order soon." Never hear from them until next year when they say the same thing, brag the same things, etc. Pathetic. They are not even funny anymore.

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