Thursday, November 18, 2010


After going through the usual PC hassles I have all of Andrew Martin's video chess diagram files on CDs and will be ported to Apple's iMovie this afternoon, or tomorrow. Clean up, editing, menu items, etc. Then into iDVD.

What will take the most time is cleaning up the PDF and making PDFs out of the original 2004 book and create an eBook to go with the package. Theoretically, I need to sell a lot of copies, probably near 100 to break even because my time is worth something too and editing the PDFs will be very time consuming to put them in a format people can stand. I was looking at a lady's iPad in Borders the other day and it was nice. Letter spacing drove me crazy but everything else was jake except I asked her, "Does it handle pictures, graphics?" Amazingly, she didn't know. The reason I say "amazingly" is she said she is a "gadget freak." This time she was just reading like a house on fire. The iBooks program from Apple had "dog-earing," bookmarks, and highlighting. So if I can get this to work (as opposed to just a PDF) this could be a very helpful tool on the road.

I already have some advance orders for Andrew's DVD. It is $29.95 + shipping ($3), in advance. 30 days after its release it will be $39.95 + shipping. It has thirteen new games plus two last minute bonus games. Lots of goodies. The so-called book by GM Christian Bauer on this same subject has yet to make its appearance and it was predicted to me that it would be late, even after announced it was ready.

Same with Silman's How to Reassess Your Chess 4th edition (6 million pages version). Two days ago I got a reply from the publisher saying it would be ready Dec. 1. Yesterday I got a notice from the USCF saying it was available for shipping RIGHT now from them. In my experience, the publisher ALWAYS knows if a title is available or not. We should have our copies around the first week of December.

Thus, morning and afternoon are accounted for. Tonight, web work.

Hope all of you got the 10-pager I put out today with specials and stories throughout. Deadline for purchase is Nov. 22. Get these BEFORE Thanksgiving.

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