Thursday, November 4, 2010


I got a big shock tonight when I went into ChessBase 10 and started looking for a Database I created around Christmas time last year. It was to go as a "prize" for a yet unknown reason. It consisted of 60 annotated games over a 2-3 week period of a famous recent event.

I wanted the under 2200 to see how a non-master looks at these players and games. It seemed to have some great teaching value about ups and downs, staying in the race, and a good look at the games. I looked everywhere I could think of on my new WIN 7 machine. The DB is there, but there's NOTHING in it! A far cry from all the work I was doing at the time.

Has CB10 ever "lost" a database of yours? If so, this is scary. I've looked in places where it shouldn't be and, it isn't there (that's a good thing). I can only hope that in a moment of madness I copied it to a CD or brought it over to my Mac. Heckuva a premium if it can't be found. Wanted to use it as enticement to RENEW THE CHESS REPORTS for Semester 10. And I was going to offer another book about the same subject, along with it, at a GREATLY reduced price. Diddly damn.

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