Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MISSING A POSTING now and then

When I miss a day without posting there is usually only ONE reason: swamped with work. In the past few days I have shipped out a lot of DVDs and worked on the Friday issue of The Chess Reports. I am almost done. There will be coming a new model for The Chess Reports which will be a combination of a particular type of publication (downloadable) + CDs. As very few people seemed to read what I wrote in issue #116, I will continue with the way I have done it since 2006 (hard to believe, nearly 4 years--it kept me alive in Savannah, GA (barely)) FOR 10 issues at $69.95 for a Semester 10 Subscription.

The current issue, #117, is jammed full of fotos, annotated games, and some book/DVDcommentary. All clinic attendees will also get this issue too.

Back to work... hope to hear from you.


  1. I read the Continuity Subscription description and didn't feel the $240/year cost fit my budget. Would like to see samples of the audio before making a commitment.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Just to encourage you (as I am not sure it will), I follow this blog almost daily. You are indeed a captivating storyteller. I will make note of this notion in my next book. In fact, I started weaving into the games stories in my first book if you recall.