Saturday, November 6, 2010


One topic I get frequently from an "old" customer is that they have run out of space. It could be that the newer electronic toys are taking over, or that they are now parking their Bentley in their living room.

When I need space almost the first thing I do is throw other stuff away. Sometimes you find things you've been looking for or want to actually keep. Most of the time, into the trash. I remember throwing out 1000 VHS tapes in my dumpster. I tried giving them away, and had small successes. But, I did go through every one to see if I ever intended to get a DVD version (if there was one).

I've donated as many as 20 cases of books (mostly not chess) to a library.

When it comes to business paper, I SHRED. Because of credit card numbers, correspondence, etc. But there are all kinds of shredders. The cheap ones can do at most 5 sheets at a time, including staples, but they can be really slow. I bought a $600 one time which ate through everything like a chainsaw, but it broke because fundamentally it was an overpriced POS. I wasn't doing anything clever, just that the "steel" rod buckled and couldn't handle or do its job.

Right now I am using one Rita gave me--over a waste basket. This is slow and dreary so I will head out to an office supply store and see what they have. My MAIN point is to tell you that your documents with me are SAFE. I shred invoices, credit card info and so on when relevance has slipped away.

But you can also do yourself a service and DUMP stuff you will NEVER look at or need. If you are saving "stuff" for that "day" when you might need it, I can only say you are kidding yourself.

I get really annoyed when some guy has "retired" and keeps reminding me, and yet he has NO TIME for anything. It was worse than when he had a job. All those books he bought he was going to read, we are talking "fat chance" here. So, if you are tired of annoying yourself, get rid of it and don't start with the "I'll put it on eBay" crap again, we know how that usually works out. Try introducing "scarcity" back into your life.

So... make life better for a bit, get out, do something... try chess just for the heck of it! Or clear things out and put in another bookshelf... then, drop me a line! Yes folks... I love it.

Oh yes, I forgot to add WHEN to do this... If you need some down town, put in a movie, watch some sporting event, and shred. You are getting something down and hopefully enjoying something else at the same time. Besides, it's nice making your home a better place!! Yippee.


  1. Lots of good advice here! My shredder said it shreds credit cards and staples...yeah, right. After 20 pages it overheats and shuts off for 10 minutes. I've also stabbed myself in the hand several times using a paring knife to dig crud out of the blades. If you find a good one, let me know!

  2. I tossed a bunch of tapes recently also. Gave a number to Goodwill also. The shredder got a work out on my old income tax stuff recently. Think I will give a lot of my chess books as special prizes at The Interstate Open 2011. My first rated chess tournament was The Interstate Open in Portland Oregon in 1961. There are four or five other people still alive that played in that event. Hope I can get them to come to the event even if they don't play.

  3. Now that the weather is getting chilly, another good method is the winter bar-b-q, so while you are cranking out burgers and dogs, put some logs and little paperwork into the portable heater stoves (not the bar-b-q!!!)to keep you warm.

    Don't try to burn too much paper at once and make sure your portable stove is enclosed as paper becomes air born when burned; so don't use an open metal trash can for this.

    When you are done with the dogs and the ashes cool down (slightly moist sand does wonder to expedite the process) you can dispose of it into your local trash.