Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Cody and I have begun work on the web site. I haven't picked a name for the domain yet. But he thinks it would be a better idea to move this Blog to my new web site. What do you think? I have no way, that I know of, of knowing how many check in on this web site with regular frequency and who reads it without signing up as a "follower." I did in the early days because I would get emails from them.

Tonight I finish up my software and DVD catalog. Totally different format and some SALE OFFERINGS that will make your hair stand on end! It sure did make mine stand up!

DVDs have their good points and let's say, "weaker" points. I will discuss that too as I am a big DVD fan.

Watch your inbox tonight or tomorrow, OK?

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  1. FRom your Google Accounts page you should be able to view "Analytics" which provides statistics for your Blogger bloga and more.