Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Everyone's making a big todo about ADHD--Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I know one nurse who doubts its existence, clinically.

Often, as I have seen it, it is an excuse to deliver a reason for poor behavior or impulsivity. If it is a form of impulsivity, why the need for another acronym? One definition I saw when I Googled this was: may experience difficulty in following directions, remembering information, concentrating, organizing tasks, or completing work within time limits.

I know someone who says he has this. In other words, he can't control himself. Yet, when it comes to focus and organizing play for gambling, he CAN concentrate, sometimes. I think it depends on his PASSION at that moment.

My concern is "chess." The other day he was scheduled to play one of the local club's strongest players. He went down in flames. Last week he beat one of the club's strongest players!

Even though he has almost no tournament experience with the Queen's Gambit, that's what he played. Why? Because he gets "tired of playing 1.e4," was the answer I was given. My behavior says to play what you know best. However, I once did betray myself and I got what I deserved, and it was against this same player. How did I do this?

I went irrational; took my brain out to the dumpster and dropped it in. I almost always play the French when facing 1.e4, even against very good players. This time, however, I chose the Pirc, a system which in the old days I used to beat up on like it was a rented mule. This time I wanted to get my opponent out of his preparation, which is legendarily spotty. He had the whole weekend to study and I didn't.

In a moment of freakdom I played 1... d6. Imbecilic. If I had thought for one moment that his handling of 1... e6 would be in his usual irrational style, I would have stuck with the French. Because? Because it has been my observation that even when prepared (whatever that means to him), at some point he gets like Ford, "a better idea." This so-called improvement is almost always bad.

I've played against the French Defense Advance where after 5 moves my opponent trots out an idea (no joke, 5 moves) that is not only "bad," but drops a pawn and he is put under eternal pressure, and loses.

If ADHD exists, and I am sure there is SOME form that does, know this--it seldom benefits that person--but it is also no reason to believe on that particular day that they will play like a berserker. Sometimes they take their medicine.

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