Friday, March 5, 2010


The 101st issue of The Chess Reports goes out before noon today, central time.

The cover announces, and depicts, Thinkers' Press, inc.'s latest Purdy book. Eventually it will be covered in this blog but for the time being, first impressions go to the subscribers and mini-subscribers of The Chess Reports.

Many new books and dvds have appeared and a few pages are accorded those... and they keep coming in. I haven't heard anyone complain. There's always hope that subjects on which we are interested in will appear. E.g., a "system" to win chess tournaments. See issue #102 for info on that.

It's a crazy Friday. So I better get back to work. By the way, a Special Subscription Price is available for Semester 8 of The Chess Reports and is $29.95. This price is good through April 17, 2010. All copies delivered via e-mail. Each issue averages 12-16 pages.

Issue #102 will pass the 1500 pages mark.

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