Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hopefully this will post for Saturday as this is being written on Friday.

Just got the word today that a proof copy of Purdy's book, his Handbook, to make you a really much better player, was posted today and I should have it by Monday. (They charge $30 for this service!)

I will look it over and make sure the page numbers are correct, nothing upside down, and that all the pages are there, plus, check the cover... then I give it thumbs up or down. If up, I send to the printer the quantity I want printed. Usually I have it 5 days later if I don't get a bad place in the queue (that's called screwing around and not getting back to them right away).

The book is $24.95 and it will not be on Amazon anytime soon. I want to ship to my buyers and dealers first. Actually this is my first new book for almost two years. SHipping is $4. If you have a Gold Card the book is $15 + $4 for shipping. If you live in Iowa I have to charge you an additional $1.05 for sales tax.

Also on tap, I am getting some subscriptions for The Chess Reports too! A few weren't aware that some long time ago they asked about a sample copy being sent to them!

Soon I will be working out the details for a Standard Subscription and a Platinum subscription. I think all this will keep my brain in good order. I took a little test today on the web about remembering numbers. They could've made it tougher. I got 11 numbers in a row correctly. Because I wasn't "fast" enough (probably gawking at something else waiting for the next number to show, I missed the twelfth). The test "said" seven is the average for people. I wonder how many your "average" chess master would get.

Deadline for TCR subs at the cheap $19.95 ends Saturday at midnight + 2 hours for Daylight Savings time turnover (yippee for longer lasting light outside!)

Love you guys!

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