Monday, March 8, 2010


In the past couple days I have gotten at least four e-mails covering the subject of "systems." Laz Munoz's was long and detailed (I like that). The others were penetrating too.

I hope to cover this subject, at least in a Stage One approach, in the next issue of The Chess Reports. People are curious. What I can say right now is that Purdy's "System" is not full of smoke and mirrors as you will see when The Chess Gospel According to John* is released.

Someone even wrote to ask me if I use a "system" to solve chess problems. Not formally, but I will write about how I try to go about it. You can get these goodies by subscribing to all 13 issues of The Chess Reports for $39.95. I will have more to say about the two types of subscriptions I will be offering for Semester 9 of The Chess Reports (TCR): a Gold Edition and the Platinum edition.

PS: I will have some other good news coming out in a couple weeks also. Right now I am in the middle of some research. It will be announced here and in TCR.

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