Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Changes are coming to The Chess Reports as it will exist in two formats.

The Chess Reports is the "chess house organ" of Thinkers' Press, inc. Issue #102 is due this Friday so I better head back to that.

After the release of #104, the final issue of Semester 8, there will be a 4 week break before the first issue of Semester 9. This allows for retooling, refueling, and bringing several projects to completion. The relentless beating over the head of readers takes its toll on quality as in "churning" out material and meeting deadlines. During the break I get a chance to soak up new information and begin using InDesign CS4 which I bought a month ago.

And, finish up some Purdy projects on the burner... a few well-placed reprints.

See ya tomorrow. (I will soon be working on the White Shockers DVDs in more detail.


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