Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I had an order to fill for Andrew Martin's terrific book, King's Indian Battle Plans. I "noticed" I was out of them; they were not to be found in the stock area where they "should" have been. So last night I ordered more to be printed.

And, this morning I found the ones I had originally thought I had, on the bottom shelf. Oh yeah, way to go whiz kid.

So I have more coming in. This book had a revised reprint date of 2004. It retails for $29.95 but I have a bunch of them so I will sell, for a very limited time (to the end of March 2010) each copy for $24.95, postage paid in the USA!

There is 380 pages on all the variations of ECO for the King's Indian--the E60-E99 series. Everyone's name is in there (it seems like). Most of the games were only 6-7 years old at the time, hence apropos and still so. The cover was designed around a concept for the "Battle of Britain," the movie.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no offer of a CD of the other 200-300 annotated games I had. I selected the best (they withstood serious computer testing) and the others were held in abeyance. Maybe when I get the DVD printer/burner I've been saving for I can produce my own.

Where Martin's book was different from the others is that EACH game in the book (and there are about 200 of them, annotated) contains the plot for the game, the MAIN IDEA. That's why so many people liked it. I got lots of mail saying so.

Limited time, postage paid, $24.95.

By the way, for all those who were wetting their pants in anticipation of selling Chess Bits and... Obits by Purdy for $160 new and $140 used, you've been busted. It is being reprinted and will still sell for $24.95, assuming my printer hasn't lost my files or his mind.

I have a theory about these outrageous prices on Amazon. These "sellers" who have the outrageous prices are really fronts for Amazon because as soon as I announced it was out-of-print the out-of-this-world prices appeared. No one else could've known this but an insider OR Amazon itself. This wouldn't be the first time Amazon has been caught playing "footsie" with your money. But their greed doesn't allow them to stop, they do something else. They should be called Imazon, for their amazing imagination for coming up with new ways to take people's money in a way that just seems unethical to everyone but them. (E.g., just read yesterday they were interfering with Apple on a "Daily Deals" offering of new music which pre-empted Apple's iTunes even though Apple had done the marketing and had the contract WITH the record labels. They just do not stop!)

Need me?

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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for bringing this back! I will pick up a copy and get the word out for you.