Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was thinking of a time out from daily blogging but there are a couple of pieces of news worth passing on.

If you recently ordered something from my confrontational David vs Goliath sale, out of stock items should be here tomorrow with one exception.

As a reminder, the special $19.95 sale price on The Chess Reports expires this weekend (I often get last minute requests!)

I should have my proof copy of the new Purdy book by Friday, if everything is right with the world! (Yeah, right.)

Am working on another book on the "problems" with novelties in "scary" (maybe, maybe not) openings. Grandmaster Repertoire by Boris Avrukh, and Mihail Marin (on the English) believe you can stop a lot of tomfoolery by your opponent by playing MAIN lines instead of crap. But you would be surprised how many players only know ONE main line in their system (should be plural!)

I have a workbench full of new books such as Ruy Lopez Revisited, Genius in the Background, Revolutionize Your Chess and so on including the reprinted King's Indian Battle Plans. A special sheet will be coming in a day or two.

Lastly, David vs. Goliath #2 SALE will be issued very soon and I tackle Batsford books. I have the best of what they have, most of the rest of it, I do not carry... so the sale will be on good stuff--after that, Batsford is pretty much toast for me and my customers. Whoever runs their chess division could never run their own company this way. They would be dead meat.

Oh yes, the Naroditsky book is here too. 14-year old whiz kid writes on Strategy! I haven't had a chance to look it over yet.

One last thing: New in Chess Yearbooks. I have a discounted autoship program for both softcover and hardcover (they went out yesterday for #93 and #94 has already been announced!) If you would like to be placed on it, like in the old days, please let me know.

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