Monday, March 22, 2010


When some folks think of chess players they think of patience, taking forever to make a move, and that they don't want to play that "slow" game.

But, when I ask if I am patient, the answer has to be, "Not when I am waiting for a new book from the printer!"

I thought there was a chance that Gospel or Chess Bits would be here today... but they didn't show. I am hoping now that tomorrow is more kind. I have piles of books here waiting to go out with that book and I haven't contacted the resellers yet.

Some days life is nothing more than incremental, and I am still not used to that.

I ordered a new pair of glasses today with a new frame as the 15 yr. old one had broken and I was not interested in having it repaired. It was over $400. Now paying that off, THAT I can be patient for!

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