Monday, February 1, 2010


The author, David Rudel, and several others have told me that Dave's The Moment of Zuke is in the final 3 for winner's consideration for Book of the Year from ! You know that this could only happen with a new owner; meet Mark Donlan--who will start carrying Thinkers' Press, inc. books. Years ago Mark did some proofing for me.

While I am not much on fandom for Book of the Year, Movie of the Year, or anything like that, I do feel glad I had a hand in the design of a book which has brought David much sales, cheers, and notice. I applaud for giving him the opportunity. He is a hard worker and, in effect, put out three books last year (one was a revision of Zuke 'Em)-- a great achievement.

I still sell his books (though Dave handles everything else from Virginia). I remember the initial skepticism from some who thought he should be well known, a big rating, etc. Well, that all got swept away didn't it? (There may be another surprise later this year.)

If YOU have a book you want to see get published like this: you handle most sales (i.e., you get most of the dollars), the PR, a web site, etc. but you would like someone to design it (the book) for you (me), then contact me ( You wouldn't believe the possibilities... and, Dave has found a way for someone else to handle most of the sales work too... he just makes trips to the bank.

Several people have already told me that my prices for making books are quite fair. Try me. I have slots open from April onward but if you want to get in now, and also save $250 off the top of your invoice, get hold of me soon.

Never listen to naysayers unless THEY have YOUR interests at heart. The problem with negative people is that they usually haven't done anything. Maybe they once started something, but they didn't finish it. If they really were as omniscient as they would have you believe, then they would know that they are not to be pitied losers.

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