Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Twelve months ago I restarted the many years old business Chessco and renamed it "G&L CHESS" or "Gilbert & Lange" Chess after my grandfathers' surnames. My original Chessco was bought and then everything was lapsed by the owner.

Today I published a new catalog, which will be sent to those who have been receiving my catalogs. There are lower DVD prices, quite good G&L prices, excellent Gold Card prices, stories about books, pictures, and a lot of other things.

I hope to hear from you (with an order perhaps?). If you read this Blog of G&L data as I publish it, but do not get one of these "cool" (colder than a well-digger's behind in the Midwest) catalogs, tell me : and I will send you one.

My granite face has been replaced by someone (?) familiar.


  1. Hey, Bob, congrats! Your first year back in the business. Hope it was a good one for you, financially. May your 2010 be even better!

    Steve L.