Saturday, February 13, 2010


I look at my desk and what do I see? Too much and seldom the time to organize. But a few salient points have popped up in the last few days.

I am working with a terrific fellow to bring a known chess magazine to the US as a distributor. More details when that is finalized. "Interesting" is an overused word, but in this case I will say, "more than interesting."

Next. I am promoting two coffee mugs for purchase. More on that later as I know prices, the artwork, and the timing. It will be a limited edition like most things I "make." (Remember the Lasker Bust? I remembered when many wanted one but just weren't willing to shell out the bread. I have one or two left but the price is $500 each. Happy are those who bought it originally. They might sell you theirs for $495!)

The three free issues (mini subscription) plot for The Chess Reports has gone well. The number of fine folks who have responded to this "no strings attached" offer by tomorrow has equaled the number of paid subscribers I have! Just drop me a line if you want to jump on board. Need your name (I do not have ESP and contrary to "popular" belief, neither does anyone else. I was in the magic business for years and these "scientists" make me roll on the floor and laugh.) I think you will find The Chess Reports unlike any other chess magazine. Despite the "reports" in the name, there is very little news. The "Reports" are more along the line of "chess information" designed for you to win more games.

Last but not least I am working with a fellow in Seattle on a chess book which attempts to put the Hammer to those Openings which keep popping up like those moles at Chuck-e-Cheese in the Whack-a-mole contest. The Latvian Gambit, and some other bizarre systems I had never heard of. Remember, it's MY job NOT to flinch!!

As Dean Martin repeatedly said, once a week on his show, "Keep those cards and letters coming in." I might add, "and orders too, it's what keeps my world afloat."

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