Monday, February 22, 2010


Lately I have been getting a lot of internal "press" from those who have told me how many TPi books they have, or how much they liked them. In fact, IM Walter Shipman wrote to say he loved the Richter-Veresov by Gufeld and Stetsko. He wrote:

"I just played this opening yesterday in the 38th Annual People's Tournament at Concord, CA. My opponent was a strong young expert who was befuddled by it!"

This is just one of many. My question is: "Do you think (and can you give reasons?) that TPi should be publishing books on chess by outsiders again?"

Economically I can't find a reason to say yes. Some publishers are taking more chances like I used to. But also economically, selling to Borders and Barnes & Noble is such a pain in the ass you wouldn't believe it. When all is said and done, there is no money there because they return at least half the books and not in the mint condition I sent them. Their coffee cafes are what's important.

Other resellers sell them when they come out but seldom reorder unless it is really HOT! So much stuff is coming out these days it's hard to keep up. And even the stronger players are writing, like Sokolov on his Winning Middlegame Structures (a fine book by the way).

If you leave your comments (you probably have to join first--not my idea, Google's) I will read them. Lots of people would love to be published but I need a compelling reason and most of the time, I don't see one! (Personal ego doesn't sway me.)

However, soon The Chess Gospel According to John* (by Purdy) will be coming out. It is a terrific expanded version (60 extra pages) of Guide to Good Chess. Additions are stuff like creating a system of winning, and avoiding as much as possible, blunders.

What surprised me is that while I was reproofing the book, even I, a former expert, saw stuff I could have used and missed the first time round. I would recommend this to anyone rated 700-2200.


  1. When will the Purdy-book be available?

  2. I agree with Bob on his comment about selling books to Borders. International Chess Enterprises had the same problem when I worked there. I even made a trip to their headquarters to try to get a billing problem taken care of. They did not seem to keep the books on their shelves very long. They would return some titles and be reordering them also.

    Russell Miller Camas WA

  3. I just received "The Chess Gospel According to John" and it is a terrific upgrade of "Guide." I love the books of Thinker's Press.

    Peter Hyatt