Thursday, February 4, 2010


On Monday I set the Tuesday column to show at 12:01 a.m. Didn't work; Google set it on Monday at 5:20 p.m.

Wednesday I was so busy that I forgot about writing a column as I was working on The Chess Reports. That is done, am busy creating some ads to help pay for this issue (#99!). TCR will go out tonight as I don't like waiting until the last minute. Always a good practice don't you think?

That's going to happen sometimes: I will be hard at work on one thing, and may forget the Blog. Believe me, there is NO shortage of material. So don't worry.

Here's an asinine business tip when dealing (don't!!!) with Worst Buy. I had received a $25 coupon to use on anything before March something. I was on that side of town and had the coupon with me. I found Seinfeld Season 9, which I didn't have, for $24.99. You know the rest don't you? I was so annoyed that I went back to look to see if there were other DVDs (at least two cheaper ones) totaling $25.98, but there was nothing I wanted. I wanted to head back home but that would waste gas unless the next time doubled as a trip for something else. I bit the bullet and bought a way overpriced candy bar--even though it was a Peter Paul Almond Joy I still felt screwed. When customers feel screwed they don't want to do business again anytime soon. I've already taken my computer business to a small shop run by 3-4 guys. $85/hr vs. $200/hr!

My point? At G&L CHESS I try hard to avoid terms like that (legalese B.S.). When the day comes that I have a web site, things get automated and it gets trickier. If I build the website I hope I can put in some kind of "fuzzy-logic" over ride, but I am not there yet and I wonder if anyone else is.

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  1. I'm missing the point. You couldn't get the CD for free? You paid a dollar for the candy bar and the CD?

    I believe you cannot overpay for good work or service, but any money spent on poor work/service is wasted.